Making Medication
Management Simple.


Your Medicine Cabinet,

No matter how complex your treatment schedule is, Pillo gives you the right meds on time, every time. Your medication is stored in a patented pill-wheel, split into doses, and dispensed into a special, supplied cup. Pillo also records when you take your pills and miss a dose.

Simple Loading.
Fill Up and Go!

With Pillo, there’s no need to sort pills, set timers, or worry about missing your medicines. Pillo stores up to 28 doses in an extractable container, which you can take away with you when needed. Never struggle with child-proof pill bottle caps again!

Secure Dispensing.
On Time, Every Time.

Pillo always dispenses your medication when you need it. Facial recognition software acts as a security layer, ensuring that your pills are for you and you alone.

A true Health
Care Companion

Pillo does more than remind you when to take your medicine. We designed Pillo to be a smart and interactive home health companion. You can give voice commands or use the touchscreen interface. Pillo’s notifications and alerts also help keep you on track and healthy.


Connection in the
Palm of Your Hand

Download our free app and start using it today. You can also use it to directly chat with Pillo, or to video-call your Carefriends if you need a little assistance. Try it now!

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How to get your Pillo.

Pillo Health is currently only supplying organizations that want to deliver better care into the home.
If you caring for your own health or the health of someone at home, then get ready for the device we have built in partnership with Black&Decker, coming soon to a store near you.
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