Making Medication
Management Simple.


Pillo’s Here to Answer
Your Questions

Pillo lives on your countertop and responds to your voice or touch. You can ask Pillo how many calories are in your favorite snack or what is the weather forecast. Pillo can keep track of you schedule with reminders, alarms and timers.

" How many calories are in an apple? "


Facial Recognition

Pillo stores your pills securely and recognizes your face and voice. Pillo knows who you are and provides you with health information and your scheduled medication dose. It’s not just about dispensing your medicines at the right time; Pillo works with you in your day-to-day life, supporting and empowering you to improve your health, wellness, and confidence so you can retain your independence.

Stay Connected with
Family and Carefriends
to Your Loved Ones.

With your permission, Pillo can keep your loved ones in the loop with notifications about any missed doses. Pillo’s reliable, so your carefriends can monitor your medicine use and check up on you with videocalls, directly on the device!

Get Your Home Health Companion
Delivered to Your Door.

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